Logging Built For Your CI/CD

ML powered logging integrated with your CI/CD pipelines
Built on a hosted, scaled, compliant ELK & Grafana

Monitoring you can trust - 24/7 In-app chat support that responds in under 1 minute

*Based on yearly median response time by Intercom

Safer CI/CD with automatic version benchmarks

Coralogix helps ensure organization SLAs by benchmarking every release for quality and potential issues.

Scan millions of logs in minutes for fast resolution

Coralogix Loggregation narrows down millions of log records to their unique log patterns so you can quickly troubleshoot and drill down into your logs and errors

Log Aggregation

Painless Integration

Coralogix sets up in minutes – instantly ingesting log data from any source, JSON or unstructured. We’ll provide expert guidance to your team to ensure a smooth transition.

Log Integrations

Any Data, any Format
Logs, Metrics, and Security


"Coralogix changed the way we work and changed the way we view our logs. We're not afraid of our logs anymore."

Alain Adler, Head of Engineering at BetterHelp

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