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Coralogix was founded in 2015, with the aim of making unmanageable log data manageable. Open source code and cloud computing made it simpler for small and medium-sized companies to create large-scale production environments. This shift brought the necessary, yet difficult task, of maintaining production systems and managing large amounts of data. Most companies that offer log management solutions focus on simply indexing and visualizing data. 

But the problem of having too many logs to deal with still exists. Companies need to be able to know what to search, where to search and most of all, when to search. Coralogix’s machine learning-powered log analytics solution automatically clusters millions of log records back into their patterns and finds connections to form the baseline flows of each software individually. Coralogix helps over 1000 companies to get a grasp on their log data and proactively solve their production problems.

The Management Team

Ariel Assaraf

CEO & Co-founder

A veteran of the Israeli intelligence elite unit 8200.

Over 10 years of Product and team management experience. Former product manager at the IDF. QA & Integration GL at Verint Ltd

coralogix VP eng

Yoni Farin – CTO


Former R&D group leader at Verint Ltd.

Over 15 years of experience in software development, team and group leadership. Specializing in big data and distributed systems.

Our Advisors

Matt Handler

CEO Security, Americas at NTT

Matt, who was previously VP of Sales for Sumo Logic, is an innovative global business leader helping customers build, run, and secure modern applications and architectures. He has a proven global record of rapid success in hyper-growth and quickly turning around underperforming organizations in SaaS, PaaS, on-prem software, and hardware companies.

Yuval Cohen picture

Yuval Cohen

Founder of Neebula, former CISO at ServiceNow

Yuval is an entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience leading R&D organizations. He was formerly the CISO of ServiceNow, CTO at Marvell Semiconductor, CEO of Neebula, and holds a masters degree from Tel Aviv University. 

Guy Bloch

CEO at Bringg

Guy is the CEO and a Board Member at Bringg, where the mission is to help every business thrive in the Age of Amazon and the ever increasing customer expectations.

Joined Bringg in 2018 following 6 hyper-growth years with Splunk (Nasdaq: SPLK) where he held various leadership roles, including COO EMEA. 

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"Over 1TB of daily logs was becoming harder to manage and make sense of. On the first day of using Coralogix, we already got new insights that we were not able to see before"

Dekel Shavit, CISO


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