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Coralogix secures 106 badges in G2 Spring 2024 Reports

  • Kushal Babu
  • May 20, 2024
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One more season and one more clean sweep! 

The G2 Spring 2024 Reports are out, and Coralogix has secured 106 badges across various categories and market segments. Coralogix has also secured a “Users Love Us” badge that showcases our customers’ trust in Coralogix.

We are excited because there’s a lot more. Read on!

Every quarter, G2 releases reports highlighting the best software and services of the season. Thanks to our customers who love our product and advocate for us on G2, we have been awarded tens and hundreds of badges every quarter.

Below is a list of all the 106 badges we secured this Spring:

CategoryBadge Count
Log Analysis24
Application Performance Monitoring (APM)14
Cloud Infrastructure13
Container Monitoring11
IT Alerting10
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)8
Enterprise Monitoring7
Cloud Security2
Cloud Security Monitoring and Analytics1
Observability Solution Suites1
Network Traffic Analysis1

Out of these badges, we secured 33 for mid-market, 13 for enterprise and 5 for small businesses, a testament to Coralogix’s ability to cater to all market segments.

Coralogix lands 8 Momentum Leader badges

In each of its report editions, G2 highlights “high-trajectory” companies that show exceptional growth as “Momentum Leaders.” G2 identifies these Momentum Leaders based on user satisfaction scores, employee growth, and digital presence.

Coralogix strives to improve its platform and deliver top-tier observability solutions to its customers in an ever-changing technology landscape. Here are the categories where Coralogix was named a Momentum Leader:

  • Application Performance Monitoring (APM)
  • Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring 
  • Container Monitoring
  • Enterprise Monitoring
  • IT Alerting
  • Log Analysis
  • Security Information Event Management (SIEM)

Like every season, Coralogix is ranked as the No.1 Momentum Leader in the Log Analysis category, leaving notable players like Datadog, Sumo Logic, Splunk and New Relic far behind. We are also ranked No.2 this season under container monitoring and cloud infrastructure monitoring categories.

Coralogix Ranks #1 in 12 G2 Reports 

Apart from the 106 badges, Coralogix is also ranked the number 1 player in 12 Log Analysis reports released by G2. Interestingly, we ranked No.1 in 11 of these 12 reports last season as well.

G2 ReportRankPrevious Rank
Momentum Grid Report for Log Analysis11
Mid-Market Grid Report for Log Analysis11
Relationship Index for Log Analysis11
Usability Index for Log Analysis11
Implementation Index for Log Analysis11
Mid-Market Usability Index for Log Analysis 11
Mid-Market Relationship Index for Log Analysis 11
Mid-Market Results Index for Log Analysis11
Mid-Market Implementation Index for Log Analysis11
Enterprise Implementation Index for Log Analysis11
Mid-Market India Regional Grid Report for Log Analysis11
Mid-Market Asia Regional Grid Report for Log Analysis12

Take a look at this Momentum Grid Report for Log Analysis to understand how Coralogix is ranked as the No.1 Log Analysis provider and the outlier position we maintain from the rest of the providers in the market.

Coralogix – One of the Top 10 Observability Solution Suites

Coralogix is a full-stack observability platform that offers comprehensive visibility into your telemetry data, along with capabilities like APM, RUM, SIEM and more, thus offering a complete suite of observability solutions. 

G2 releases a Grid Report for Observability Solution Suites every season and products are ranked based on their user satisfaction scores and market presence. Coralogix is ranked as a Leader in the Spring 2024 Report for Observability Solution Suites for being one of the top 10 providers in the observability space.

Try Coralogix 

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