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Let’s talk about your logs – a personal invitation

  • Coralogix
  • November 1, 2017
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Hi there!

I’m Ariel, CPO @Coralogix.

If you are reading these lines then I’m guessing you are a developer, sysadmin, a DevOps engineer or an IT specialist, and that you are in the bay area attending some of the best events and conferences related to our industry. 

I would love to meet you for a cup of coffee and talk about your logs.


It’s simple, our product, Coralogix, helps engineers get their job done more easily, by helping them find out what broke in their versions in real time.

I could probably take up to 9 more meetings for the time period of 1/11-14/11, so if you find this offer interesting, you can either:

give me a call: 1-415-604-6923

Shot me an email – > [email protected]

PM me via Twitter -> @coralogix / @arielassaraf

Enjoy your time in the Mecca of tech! 

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