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How Coralogix Powers Your Synthetic Monitoring with Checkly

  • Chris Cooney
  • July 3, 2023
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Coralogix and Checkly for synthetic monitoring

As a leading full-stack observability platform, Coralogix enables you to gather, monitor and analyze your infrastructure and application telemetry. And Coralogix now offers synthetic monitoring for proactive end-to-end testing across development with Checkly.

What is synthetic monitoring?

Synthetic monitoring is an active approach to website and web applications testing by simulating visitor requests to test for performance and functionality. You can simulate user journeys and behavior under controlled conditions with headless browsers.

You can also run end-to-end tests while performing your product’s business-critical operations. Get immediate answers to critical issues, like “Does your login work as expected?” “Can people buy the goods advertised on your site?” or “Is the application performing fast enough from anywhere on the globe?”

Why synthetic monitoring is important 

As you may know, test-driven development is a common practice within the software industry. That being said, while deployment testing plays a crucial role in high-quality software delivery, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that apps and sites stay available during the process.

For example, databases could fall over, third-party providers might suffer downtimes and infrastructure bugs could be deployed. These are just some of the countless reasons your production environment could fail to deliver a complete end-user experience. To be effective, you not only need to know about existing production problems, but anticipate when such bugs could surface. 

At the same time, you need to follow your application’s status throughout the process. Establish a short mean time in order to detect (MTTD) issues before your customers do. Yet, how do you achieve that? 

Synthetic monitoring is the solution. This active approach to testing your web services helps prevent extensive downtimes and enables detailed performance analysis over time to unveil regressions. Essentially, emulating user behavior paths let you:

  • Improve performance: Synthetic monitoring gives you performance benchmarks for optimization. 
  • Build resilience: Synthetic monitoring prepares your website for high traffic cycles. 
  • Upkeep your system’s health: Synthetic monitoring tells you if your site is running, or what future slowdowns could occur. 
  • Fix errors early: Especially in continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), use synthetic monitoring to identify and fix bugs before they affect users. 

How does Checkly work?

Checkly’s synthetics platform enables you to reuse your end-to-end tests and transform them into global monitors running on a schedule. When your end-to-end tests fail, triggered alerts are set off, considered your first line of defense against outages and slowdowns.

Checkly integrates with Microsoft’s end-to-end testing framework Playwright, giving you an effective debugging experience while fighting flaky end-to-end tests.

While you can create and write your end-to-end tests in the Checkly UI, the provided monitoring as code workflow also enables you to control your synthetic monitoring setup similar to your infrastructure. Write code, test your preview deployments, and deploy or update your monitors in CI/CD. Checkly seamlessly integrates into your current workflow.

Checkly’s synthetic monitoring solution, coupled with a code first style, can strengthen your overall observability strategy. Coralogix’s full-stack observability guide shows you how it processes logs, metrics, traces and security data, so users can gain holistic and system-wide insights. 

Checkly’s integration with Coralogix

Integrating Checkly and Coralogix is simple. Coralogix is more than just a user interface, it’s also a series of powerful APIs through which automation can be driven. This API, alongside Checkly’s webhooks, allows for flexible and simple integration of data from Checkly into Coralogix. The integration can be done manually or declared via Terraform to ensure that your approach to observability is consistent with your Infrastructure as Code (IaC) strategy. 

With the connection of sophisticated synthetic monitoring and an encompassing observability platform, organizations can drive business metrics and application level insights. Turn your observability data into a wider collection of detailed, infinite logs, metrics, traces and security stats, to provide the depth and breadth necessary to scale with confidence.

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