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How to automate VPC Mirroring for Coralogix STA

After installing the Coralogix Security Traffic Analyzer (STA) and choosing a mirroring strategy suitable for your organization needs (if not, you can start by reading this) the next step would

Uptime Monitoring with Heartbeat

Whenever you build a service and expose a set of endpoints to provide API access to that service, you’ll likely need to track their availability and response times, aside from
ELK Stack: 5 Common ELK Issues and How to Fix Them

ELK Stack: 5 Common ELK Issues and How to Fix Them

Running an ELK stack provides unrivaled benefits for your organization, however, ELK issues will inevitably crop up. ELK is scalable, and largely agnostic of internal infrastructure, making it a great
Log maintanace

Is your team spending too much time on log maintenance?

Log maintenance has a hidden cost. Engineers optimize their instance types, storage, networking, dependencies, and much more. However, we rarely consider the engineers themselves. A DevOps culture encourages engineers to

Fluent Bit Tutorial: The Beginners Guide

Fluent Bit is a fast and lightweight log processor, stream processor, and forwarder for Linux, OSX, Windows, and BSD family operating systems. Its focus on performance allows the collection of

How to optimize your logging costs

CIOs see data costs as their greatest logging challenge to overcome, according to this survey we collaborated on with IDC. If you’re running significant production operations, you’re almost certainly generating 100’s
ELK Stack

The Top Elasticsearch Problems You Need to Know

The ELK stack is an industry-recognized solution for centralizing logging, analyzing logs, and monitoring your system use and output. However, the challenges of maintaining your own stack overcoming common Elasticsearch

Application Logs: 8 Goals and Best Practices to Aim For

Running a successful company relies on current and accurate information about the underlying systems. Much of this information is contained within your application logs. By investing in your log management

Troubleshooting Common Elasticsearch Problems

Elasticsearch is a complex piece of software by itself, but complexity is further increased when you spin up multiple instances to form a cluster. This complexity comes with the risk

The Ultimate Guide to Microservices Logging 

Microservice architecture is widely popular. The ease of building and maintaining apps, scaling CI/CD pipelines, as well as the flexibility it offers when it comes to pivoting technologies are some

Kafka Streams Window By & RocksDB Tuning

Kafka Streams offers a feature called a window. In this post, I will explain how to implement tumbling time windows in Scala, and how to tune RocksDB accordingly. Kafka Streams Terminology Clock Time:

BetterHelp Customer Case Study

Untangling a chaotic mess can be daunting. And that’s exactly the problem Alain Adler, the Head of Engineering at BetterHelp, faced.  BetterHelp is the world’s largest e-counseling platform, on a
Log Data

Analyzing Log Data: Why It’s Important

From production monitoring to security concerns, businesses need to analyze and review their logs on a daily basis to make sure their system is up to par. Here are the

Onelogin Log Insights with Coralogix

OneLogin is one of the top leading Unified Access Management platforms, enabling organizations to manage and Access their cloud applications in a secure way. OneLogin makes it simpler and safer for

Unleash your Auth0 Log Insights With Coralogix

Auth0 is one of the top leading identity management platforms in the world. It’s focused on providing solutions for application builders, specifically solutions needed for custom-built applications. Auth0 provides expertise

A practical guide to Logstash

Logstash is a tool to collect, process, and forward events and log messages and this Logstash tutorial will get you started quickly. It was created by Jordan Sissel who, with

Kibana Settings: Spaces, Export Dashboard, and more

Kibana is considered the “window” to Elasticsearch and indeed it’s a powerful UI for searching, filtering, analyzing, and visualizing Elasticsearch data, but Kibana settings are also used to configure, administer

Managing Docker Logs with ELK and Fluentd

This article provides an overview of managing and analyzing Docker logs and explores some of the complexities that may arise when looking through the log data. Challenges to overcome: Collecting

Using Log Data to Prevent Lambda Cold Starts

AWS Lambda enables you to run serverless functions in the AWS cloud, by manually triggering functions or by creating trigger events. To ensure your Lambda functions are running smoothly, you

Integrating Coralogix Alerts with PagerDuty

Coralogix offers the most extensive alerting mechanism in the logging market, including built-in webhooks for PagerDuty, custom webhooks, and automatic resolve notifications. PagerDuty is a leader in digital operations management. In

Tutorial: Logstash Grok Patterns with Examples

Logstash can parse CSV and JSON files easily because data in those formats are perfectly organized and ready for Elasticsearch analysis. Sometimes, though, we need to work with unstructured data,
Okta Logs

Okta Log Insights

This post will show you how Coralogix can provide analytics and insights for your Okta logs, both performance, and security. Okta is one of the leading Identity provider platforms in

Advanced Guide to Kibana Timelion

Kibana Timelion is a time-series based visualization language that enables you to analyze time-series data in a more flexible way. compared to other visualization types that Kibana offers. Instead of
DevOps Monitoring Illustration

How DevOps Monitoring Impacts Your Organization

DevOps monitoring didn’t simply become part of the collective engineering consciousness. It was built, brick by brick, by practices that have continued to grow and flourish with each new technological

Morgan NPM Logger – The Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover how you can use Morgan npm to log requests and other aspects of your web application built on Express (or any of the similarly architected frameworks around).

Heroku Logs – The Complete Guide

Platforms like Heroku give you the freedom to focus on building great applications rather than getting lost setting up and maintaining infrastructure. One of the many great features of working
fastly logs

Fastly Logs Insights

This tutorial will show you how can Coralogix provide analytics and insights for the Fastly logs you ship to Coralogix, both performance, and security. To get all the Coralogix dashboards

Elasticsearch Update Index Settings

You’ve created the perfect design for your indices and they are happily churning along. However, in the future, you may need to reconsider your initial design and update the Elasticsearch

The Definitive Guide to Configuration Management Tools

Many of the available configuration management tools, such as Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Chef, and Saltstack provide automation for infrastructure, cloud, compliance and security management, and integration for deployment and continuous deployment (CI / CD). But what is the best tool to start automating your particular environment?
coralogix fluentd guide

A practical guide to FluentD

In this post we will cover some of the main use cases FluentD supports and provides example FluentD configurations for the different cases. What is Fluentd Fluentd is an open

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