User defined alerts – be notified in real time

The two motives we strive to maintain here at Coralogix are simplicity and real-time insights. That is why our user-defined alerts interface was designed to be as simple as possible and still allow full flexibility, advanced alerting options, and real-time push notifications.

From the dashboard, open the alert definition interface:

coralogix dashboard alert selection


Click the ‘+’ sign to add a new alert:




  1. First section, define the general alert parameters: Name, Alert severity, and Alert timeframe. 
  2. Second section, define the alert criteria: text/template, metadata, and log severity.
  3. Third section, set the alert rule: whether you want it to alert immediately or you want to define a rule for More/Less occurrences per timeframe
  4. Define the notification you like to receive – Email address, Slack room or both. 
  5. Click the V icon at the bottom right of the screen.



You are all set! Start using Coralogix now and enjoy a whole new world of actionable real-time insight on your production systems.

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