Coralogix video tutorials

The following 6 short vids will get you from zero to Coralogix expert in less than 13 minutes. So get yourself a snack, put on your headphones, and enter a new world of meaningful log data insights.

Coralogix dashboard:

An overview of Coralogix’s dashboard and its main features. 

Loggregation – making big data small: 

See how Coralogix automatically clusters millions of log entries back into their patterns to allow you to get a hold of your data and quickly scan it. 

Flow anomaly:

An explanation of how Coralogix automatically discover your log sequences and alerts you in real time once their occurrence ratio is broken 

Log query – simple, flexible, super fast:

Coralogix provides the fastest log query mechanism with simple to use filters, server side sort and group and zoom-in capabilities.

User defined alerts: 

How to define alerts on text or pattern and be notified in real time if they occur more/less than you expect them to.

Live tail – all your logs in real time:

A real time live stream of your logs, filter before you go or get all your logs in one place and filter them on the fly. 

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