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Configure Alert Notifications for Outbound Webhooks

Last Updated: Dec. 13, 2023

Outbound Webhooks, or alert webhooks, offer a streamlined way to receive immediate notifications for critical events in the form of alerts, facilitating prompt responses to incidents.

This tutorial guides you through configuring your outgoing webhook notification settings and associating each webhook with multiple alerts.

Configure Alert Notifications

STEP 1. Configure the alert notification settings.

  • Notify Every. Sets the alert cadence. After an alert is triggered and a notification is sent to your outbound webhook, the alert will continue to work. Messages will be suppressed for the duration of the suppression period.
  • Notify When Resolved. Activate to receive an automatic update once an alert has ceased.

STEP 2. Select one or more alerts to integrate into the webhook.

STEP 3. Click DONE to complete the configuration process.

View & Edit Alert Notifications

STEP 1. Click on each webhook (e.g., Send Log) to view the specific webhooks you’ve set up for this notification channel and the number of associated alerts for each.

STEP 2. Click on the number of Associated Alerts to view details for each alert integrated within a specific webhook.

STEP 3. Click on each row to view all the settings for that alert in read-only mode. Edit or detach the alert from the webhook in the ACTIONS column.

STEP 4. To attach additional alerts to the specific webhook, click ADD. You will be rerouted to the Alert Notifications Settings page.

STEP 5. When the process is complete, click CLOSE.


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