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API Keys

Last Updated: Jun. 19, 2024


Coralogix custom API Keys offer a robust and flexible way to manage access and permissions within your organization. API keys can be generated as personal or shared keys through Coralogix’s adaptable RBAC management system. This system allows you to assign specific permissions or groups of permissions, known as role presets, to each API key, ensuring precise control over access and operations.

Use Coralogix API keys to:

  • Control Access. Assign specific permissions to users or teams, ensuring only authorized individuals can access certain features or data.
  • Enhance Security. Regularly rotate keys and revoke them as necessary to prevent unauthorized access and maintain security.
  • Facilitate Integration. Seamlessly integrate Coralogix with other tools and services by using API keys for authentication.

Types of API keys

Personal keys

Personal keys are specific to individual Coralogix users. They can be created for personal purposes such as integration testing or experimentation and should not be used for production.

This category includes legacy keys, which are maintained for existing customers.

Send-Your-Data API keys

These shared data ingestion keys ensure secure telemetry data transmission to Coralogix while authenticating the sender’s identity. Multiple Send-Your-Data API keys with advanced security systems are supported by our Send-Your-Data Management API.

Team keys

Shared team keys authenticate API actions for team members for users with programmatic access to Coralogix. Only team members with the roles and permissions contained in a team key may access it. Team key creation and viewing are restricted to members of groups without data scope limitations.


The following permissions are necessary to create and view API keys.

API KeyPermissionRole Preset


As a security best practice, Coralogix suggests generating multiple keys for your organization, with the option to view and download them once. Employing multiple API keys enables you to regularly rotate keys to enhance security or to revoke a specific key in case of accidental exposure or when discontinuing the associated service.

To activate advanced security settings, navigate to Settings > API Key Security Settings.

Once the API Key Security Settings have been activated, when generating a new API key, you will have a one-time opportunity to view and copy it on your UI upon its creation. You must download it as a text file to be saved locally.


  • Only users with team-api-keys-security-settings:Manage permission can control this attribute. Those with the team-api-keys-security-settings:ReadConfig permission may view it.
  • Once these settings are in place, they will apply to new keys generated after this time.

Add a custom API key

STEP 1. From the Coralogix toolbar, click the user icon at the top right corner and click Settings.

STEP 2. In the left-hand menu, select Keys.

STEP 3. Select the key type of your choice and click + KEY.

STEP 4. Add a key name.

STEP 5. Attach permissions to the key using role presets, manual customization, or a combination of the two.

  • Select Role presets, clusters of feature-based permissions, from the drop-down menu. Future permissions added to the selected preset will be automatically applied to the key.
  • Select the Advanced option to customize your key by manually selecting team permissions.


  • Given the RUM API key’s public nature and to ensure our users’ privacy, the RUM preset is standalone and may not be attached to other roles or role presets.

STEP 6. Click NEXT.

STEP 7. You can save your key locally by copying and downloading it or in your Coralogix UI. If your [API Key Security Settings] have been activated, you will have a one-time opportunity to view and copy it and will be required to download it as a text file to be saved locally.


Once added, your key will appear in Keys with all of your existing keys, along with its name, creator name and type, creation date, and status. You can viewcopyactivate, deactivate, and even delete it as necessary.

Migrate legacy keys to custom API Keys

Legacy keys, such as the Alerts, Rules, & Tags API key, the Logs Query API key, and the Team API key, will appear under Personal keys in the Keys UI.

Legacy Send-Your-Data API keys will appear under Send-Your-Data API keys.
Legacy SCIM keys will appear under Team keys.

Click the eye icon next to each legacy key to view its role presets and permissions. You can recreate these keys using this information as more streamlined, customized API keys.


Need help?

Our world-class customer success team is available 24/7 to walk you through your setup and answer any questions that may come up.

Feel free to reach out to us via our in-app chat or by emailing support@coralogix.com.

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