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AWS CoudTrail Log Collection via SNS Trigger AWS CoudTrail Log Collection via SNS Trigger

Last Updated: Aug. 01, 2023

Coralogix provides a predefined Lambda function to easily forward your CloudTrail logs through SNS to the Coralogix platform. For easy setup, use our app in the AWS serverless application repository.


  • Active CloudTrail account
  • Ready-made SNS topic with permissions SNS:Publish to the bucket
  • Ready-made CloudTrail S3 bucket with configured event notifications to the above SNS topic
  • AWS permissions to create Lambdas and IAM roles


STEP 1. Navigate to the application page and search for Coralogix-CloudTrail-via-SNS.

STEP 2. Fill in the required parameters.

STEP 3. Click Deploy.


Application NameStack name of the application created via AWS CloudFormation
ApplicationNameApplication name as it will be seen in your Coralogix UI
SubsystemNameSubsystem name as it will appear in your Coralogix UI
NotificationEmailA notification email will be sent to this address via SNS if the Lambda fails.
Requires you have a working SNS with a validated domain
S3BucketNameName of the S3 bucket with CloudTrail logs to watch.
Must be in the same region as the stack that you create
SNSTopicARNARN of the SNS topic.
Must be in the same region as the S3 bucket
CoralogixRegionRegion associated with your Coralogix domain
FunctionArchitectureLambda function architecture. Possible options: x86_64, arm64
FunctionMemorySizeMaximum allocated memory this Lambda may consume. Do not change default, which is set to 1024.
FunctionTimeoutMaximum time (seconds) that the function may be allowed to run. Do not change default, which is set to 300.
PrivateKeyCoralogix Send-Your-Data API Key


  • Do not change the FunctionMemorySize and FunctionTimeout parameters.

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