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AWS EventBridge Outbound Webhook AWS EventBridge Outbound Webhook

Last Updated: Jan. 11, 2024

Amazon EventBridge serves as a serverless event bus service, facilitating the effortless collection and transmission of data from various applications and services to designated destinations. Employ the AWS EventBridge Outbound Webhook to establish a streamlined real-time mechanism, enabling Coralogix to transmit events seamlessly to AWS EventBridge.


  • AWS account
  • Amazon EventBridge event bus created

Create a Webhook

STEP 1. From your Coralogix toolbar, navigate to DATA FLOW > OUTBOUND WEBHOOKS.

STEP 2. Click AWS EventBridge.

STEP 3. Click + ADD NEW.

STEP 4. Enter the webhook details and click Next.

  • Webhook Name. Enter a memorable name that will allow you to identify the webhook when attaching it to an alert easily.
  • Event Bus ARN. Corresponds to the event bus, which will receive notifications. The policy attached must contain permission to publish.
  • Detail Type. Free text to be included in the event.
  • Source. Free text is used to identify the messages Coralogix sends.
  • Role Name. Corresponds to the AWS IAM role that will be created in your account.

STEP 5. You will be rerouted to the AWS website for the integration to create and deploy a CloudFormation stack. This step makes a role and an associated permissions policy to allow Coralogix to use a set of temporary security credentials to access your AWS resources.

Verify that all of the auto-pre-populated values are correct. Click Create Stack.

STEP 6. Revert to the Coralogix application and click CONTINUE.

STEP 6. [Optional] Edit the message to customize the header and body of the messages sent when the webhook is triggered. Click SAVE.

STEP 7. Select one or more alerts to join the webhook.

The Alert Notifications panel will appear.

STEP 8. The new webhook will appear in the Notifications section of the alert. Click +Add WEBHOOK and select the newly created webhook. Click SAVE CHANGES.

STEP 9. Click DONE.

STEP 10. Modify or delete any of the webhook settings in the Actions column of the AWS EventBridge app. To add an alert to an existing webhook, click on the number under Associated Alerts.


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