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AWS Kinesis with Lambda Function AWS Kinesis with Lambda Function

Last Updated: Jul. 19, 2023

Coralogix provides a predefined Lambda function to forward your Kinesis stream straight to Coralogix from our AWS Serverless Application Repository.


  • Kinesis data stream set up
  • AWS account with permissions to create lambdas and IAM roles


STEP 1. Navigate to this application page and fill in the required parameters.

STEP 2. Click Deploy.

Parameters and Descriptions

coralogix_regionThe region associated with your Coralogix domainstringEuropeno
custom_urlCoralogix custom URLstringn/ano
enable_ssmStore your Coralogix private_key as a secret to ensure that it will not be saved in the lambda. True/FalsestringFalseno
layer_arnCoralogix SSM Layer ARN. If SsmEnabled is set to false, leave it as empty.stringn/ano
private_keyCoralogix Send-Your-Data API Keystringn/ayes
application_nameYour application namestringn/ayes
subsystem_nameYour subsystem namestringn/ayes
newline_patternPattern for lines splittingstring(?:\r\n|\r|\n)no
blocking_patternPattern for lines blockingstring""no
buffer_sizeCoralogix logger buffer sizenumber134217728no
sampling_rateSets the sampling rate.
The rate is set to 1 by default, meaning that it collects every log message from the S3 bucket. Increase it to change the sampling rate [i.e. increase it to 2 to ship 1 of every 2 logs, etc].
kinesis_stream_nameName of the Kinesis data streamstringn/ayes
memory_sizeLambda function memory limitnumber1024no
timeoutLambda function timeout limitnumber300no
architectureLambda function architecturestringx86_64no
notification_emailFailure notification email addressstringnullno
tagsA map of tags to add to all resourcesmap(string){}no


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