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Amazon Web Services (AWS) VPC Flow Logs Amazon Web Services (AWS) VPC Flow Logs

Last Updated: Feb. 07, 2023

Coralogix provides a predefined Lambda function to forward your VPC Flow Logs straight to Coralogix.


1. Setup delivery of your VPC Flow Logs to S3 bucket:

2. Create an “author from scratch” Node.js 10.x runtime lambda with S3 read permission:

“author from scratch” Node.js 10.x

3. At “Code entry type” choose “Upload a ZIP file” and upload “s3ToCoralogixVPC.zip”:

Code entry type

4. Add the mandatory environment variables: private_key, app_name, sub_name:
amazon vpc to coralogix integration mandatory environment variables

  • Private Key – Your private key is unique ID which represents your company.
  • Application Name – Used to separate your environment, e.g. SuperApp-test/SuperApp-prod.
  • SubSystem Name – Your application probably has multiple subsystems, for example, Backend servers, Middleware, Frontend servers etc.
  • If your account URL ends with ‘.in’, add the following environment variable:

5. Choose the S3 bucket you want to get triggered by and change the event type from “PUT” to “Object Created(All)”:

6. Increase Memory to 1024MB and Timeout to 30 sec:
amazon vpc to coralogix integration increasing memory

7. Click “save”.

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