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Azure Platform Monitoring Azure Platform Monitoring

Last Updated: Nov. 23, 2023

Microsoft Azure platform monitoring focuses on capturing platform logsMicrosoft Entra ID, Activity, and Resource logs – from various components within your environment.


Azure platform logs, automatically generated, provide detailed diagnostic and auditing information for Azure resources and the Azure platform they depend on. They are divided as follows:

  • Microsoft Entra ID logs, which capture activity at the authentication layer
  • Azure Activity logs, which capture activity at the subscription layer
  • Resource logs, which capture activity at the resource layer

Microsoft Entra ID Logs

Microsoft Entra ID logs (previously Azure Active Directory logs) capture all the actions performed against your Active Directory domain. This includes the history of sign-in activity and an audit trail of changes made in Azure AD for a particular tenant. This type of log is focused on the Authentication layer of Azure. Find out more here.

Activity Logs

Activity logs provide insight into the operations performed on each Azure resource in the subscription from the outside, known as the management plane. This can include the creation or deletion of resources or updates to existing services. There’s a single activity log for each Azure subscription. Find out more here.

Resource Logs

Resource logs [previously referred to as diagnostic logs] capture resource-specific audit information, providing insight into operations performed within an Azure resource. This is known as the data plane. Examples include a connection made to a PostgreSQL server or when a Blob is created, read, or deleted from a storage account. The contents of resource logs vary according to the Azure service and resource type. Find out more here.

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