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Blob Storage: Microsoft Azure Functions Blob Storage: Microsoft Azure Functions

Last Updated: Feb. 28, 2023

Microsoft Azure is one of the major cloud platforms that is being used nowadays, and we want to ensure that integration with this cloud platform is as easy as possible. This integration will collect logs from a blob in your Azure account.



Add the following Environment Variables by copying the command below.
You may add more parameters to this step to configure the deployment further.

export AZURE_STORAGE_CONNECTION='<Your_blob_connection_string>'
export CORALOGIX_PRIVATE_KEY='<Your Coralogix secret>'
export AZURE_FUNCTION_NAME=<Name your function (4-20 chars length)>

Run the following script:

git clone https://github.com/coralogix/coralogix-azure-serverless.git &&
cd coralogix-azure-serverless/BlobStorage &&
az login &&
make functools &&
make deploy

Below is a list of possible parameters when configuring your deployment.

AZURE_REGIONThis is the Azure region you wish to deploy in the default is westeurope.
can be one of the following:
centralus, eastasia, southeastasia, eastus, eastus2, westus, westus2, northcentralus, southcentralus, westcentralus, northeurope, westeurope, japaneast, japanwest, brazilsouth, australiasoutheast, australiaeast, westindia, southindia, centralindia, canadacentral, canadaeast, uksouth, ukwest, koreacentral, koreasouth, francecentral, southafricanorth, uaenorth, australiacentral, switzerlandnorth, germanywestcentral, norwayeast, jioindiawest, westus3, australiacentral2
AZURE_FUNCTION_NAMEThe name you wish to give this function, purely semantic. default is: coralogixlogshipper
4-20 characters long.
AZURE_STORAGE_CONNECTIONthe storage account connection URL. Mandatory
CORALOGIX_PRIVATE_KEYYour Coralogix secret. Mandatory
CORALOGIX_APP_NAMEYour Coralogix application name, Default is: azure-function-log-collector
CORALOGIX_SUB_SYSTEMYour Coralogix subsystem name, Default is:<region>-function-log-collector
NEWLINE_PATTERNOptional. You can use the environment variable below to make sure the new line pattern is supported.

Where do we send the logs?

At this point the function will pick up any new logs placed in the storage account using the connection URL we provided.
By default the function will react to logs placed in a blob named logs.
You can change/add more this to your custom container name in file BlobStorage/function.json

(bindings.path parameter):

   "scriptFile": "../dist/BlobStorage/index.js",
   "disabled": false,
   "bindings": [
      "name": "blob",
      "type": "blobTrigger",
      "direction": "in",
      "path": "<YOUR_BLOB_NAME>/{name}",

Once you finish updating the file you will need to run the deploy to the function.

make deploy

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