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Configure Your Browser RUM Data Proxy

Last Updated: May. 02, 2024

Set up the RUM Browser SDK to route requests through a proxy.


Proxy configuration enables the routing of requests. Specifying a proxy URL will direct all RUM data to this URL via the POST method. Subsequently, the data must be relayed from the proxy to Coralogix.


To ensure successful request forwarding to Coralogix, your proxy must:

  • Add an X-Forwarded-For header containing the request client IP address for accurate geoIP
  • Forward the request to the Coralogix ingress URL using the POST method
  • Leave the request body unchanged
  • Ensure that your proxy implementation forwards the raw body without conversion

Relay from the proxy to Coralogix

  • The Coralogix route for each request sent to the proxy is available in the request’s cxforward parameter (e.g., https://www.your-proxy.com/endpoint?cxforward=https%3A%2F%2Fingress.eu1.rum-ingress-coralogix.com%2Fbrowser%2Fv1beta%2Flogs). Utilize it to transmit the data to Coralogix.
  // ...
  coralogixDomain: 'EU1',
  proxyUrl: '<https://www.your-proxy.com/endpoint>'
  • Include your Coralogix public key as a request header in the following format: Authorization: Bearer <public-key>.


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