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Coralogix AWS PrivateLink Endpoints Coralogix AWS PrivateLink Endpoints

Last Updated: Jul. 26, 2023

AWS PrivateLink provides private connectivity between virtual private clouds (VPCs), supported AWS services, and your on-premises networks without exposing your traffic to the public internet. Interface VPC endpoints, powered by PrivateLink, connect you to services hosted by Coralogix.

Integrate with the PrivateLink endpoint to:

  • Secure your connection. Data remains on the AWS network.
  • Reduce traffic costs. Data will route with the VPC endpoint, rather than being charged NAT costs.

This tutorial provides AWS Coralogix PrivateLink endpoints, as well as instructions for standard and cross-region configuration.


Coralogix exposes the AWS PrivateLink endpoint in all Coralogix AWS regions.

Coralogix DomainCoralogix AWS RegionService NameOpenTelemetry –
coralogix.comeu-west-1 (Ireland)com.amazonaws.vpce.eu-west-1.vpce-svc-01f6152d495e211f0ingress.private.coralogix.com:443ingress.private.coralogix.in:443https://ingress.private.coralogix.com/logs/rest/singleshttps://ingress.private.coralogix.com/prometheus/v1

ap-south1 (India)com.amazonaws.vpce.ap-south-1.vpce-svc-0eb807f14d645a973ingress.private.coralogix.in:443ingress.private.coralogix.in:443https://ingress.private.coralogix.in/logs/rest/singleshttps://ingress.private.coralogix.in/prometheus/v1


eu-north-1 (Stockholm)com.amazonaws.vpce.eu-north-1.vpce-svc-041b21c87be842c08ingress.private.eu2.coralogix.com:443ingress.private.coralogixsg.com:443https://ingress.private.eu2.coralogix.com/logs/rest/singleshttps://ingress.private.eu2.coralogix.com/prometheus/v1



Standard Configuration

In order to configure PrivateLink successfully and connect to services hosted by Coralogix, it is required that you create a VPC endpoint in the Coralogix AWS region matching your Coralogix domain.

Instructions on how to configure cross-region VPC interface endpoints for AWS services can be found below.

STEP 1. Create a VPC endpoint.

  • Connect to the AWS console in your Coralogix AWS region.
  • Navigate to the Endpoints section.
  • Click Create endpoint.

STEP 2. Name the VPC endpoint and select the service category: PrivateLink Ready partner services.

STEP 3. Input the Service name associated with your Coralogix AWS region, as per the above table.

STEP 4. Click Verify service.

  • You should receive the following message: Service name verified.
  • If you do not receive this message, contact us via our in-app chat or by sending us an email at [email protected].

STEP 5. Select a VPC in which to create the endpoint.

STEP 6. Expand the Additional settings section and Enable DNS name.

STEP 7. Select a security group to enable traffic to this VPC endpoint.

  • The security group must accept inbound traffic in port 443 (TCP).

STEP 8. Click Create endpoint.

STEP 9. Verify your configuration.

  • Ensure the VPC endpoint status appears as Available.

STEP 10. Enter the connected VPC and type the following command, adjusted per region:

#example US region
#telnet ingress.private.coralogix.us
telnet <ingress.private.<region> 443

Cross-Region Configuration

This section demonstrates how to configure cross-region Amazon VPC endpoints to access AWS resources using PrivateLink.

STEP 1. Implement the standard configuration (STEPS 1 – 10) above.

STEP 2. Set up VPC peering between the Source VPC and Destination VPC.

STEP 3. Navigate to the Destination VPC Endpoint page and copy the first DNS from the list of DNS names.

STEP 4. Make a private DNS entry, converting the DNS name to the Coralogix endpoint in the region.

Here is an example:

#Example - From the US region 

Additional Resources

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