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Coralogix Entities

Last Updated: Feb. 26, 2024

Coralogix entities are divided into Organizations, Teams, & Groups.

Overview & Concepts


An organization is a unit associated with a single Coralogix customer managed by an Organization Administrator. Multiple domains may be treated as part of one organization. Organizations are divided into working teams, which group users based on their project, department, or other relevant criteria.


Teams are used to group users from one organization together based on their project, department, or any other relevant criteria. An organization may have multiple teams, each consisting of multiple users. Each team is a platform environment that has a unique URL and settings. All account management is executed on the team level.

Team members may belong to one or more groups through which role and data scope-based access is assigned. For example, you can have a Development Team with users from the Engineering, Operations, and Support groups.

When an organization is set up, the Org Admin is prompted to create a team to engage with the Coralogix platform. Subsequent users join existing teams or create new ones.


Coralogix users enjoy role and data scope-based access based on their group membership, each assigned one or more roles. This association allows you to grant permissions and manage access granularly, aligning with your organization’s structure and requirements.

Only Organization and Platform administrators have the predefined permissions to manage Groups.

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