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Coralogix Features Tour

Last Updated: Sep. 10, 2023

The Coralogix monitoring platform ingests data from any digital source and transforms it using our core features, unleashed with our out-of-the-box extension packages. Take advantage of these evolving features to fully understand your system, analyze changes in its behavior, and respond to incidents before they become problems.

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Core Features

Here is a list of our core features.

  • Data Collection and Centralized Storage. Coralogix provides integrations with popular logging frameworks and libraries, enabling you to easily transfer your data to Coralogix for centralized storage and analysis. With our unique Streama© technology, you can analyze your data without needing to index it, thereby avoiding costly storage expenses.
  • Data transformation and parsing. Coralogix automatically parses and structures your telemetry data.
  • Data query. Extract specific information or insights from your collected logs, metrics, and traces using Lucene, SQL, or our advanced DataPrime query language. We make it possible for you to directly query your archived data at a speed 5x faster than Athena.
  • Alerting. By querying logs and metrics, you can set up alerts and notifications based on specific conditions or thresholds. These alerts can notify you when predefined events occur or when metrics deviate from normal behavior.
  • Monitoring. Monitor your data using our advanced Explore screen, where you can drill down into your logs and traces. Engage with our Events2Metrics functionality to generate metrics from your spans and logs to optimize storage without sacrificing important data. What’s more, we offer application performance monitoring (APM) which decorates our standard observability options with additional information.
  • Visualizations. Create unlimited, personalized custom dashboards catered to your specific observability needs, or take advantage of our pre-built dashboards to help you analyze and visualize log data. We also offer Grafana and Kubernetes dashboards.
  • Compliance and security. Coralogix prioritizes data security and compliance. It offers encryption at rest and in transit, access controls, and adheres to industry-standard security practices. The platform helps businesses meet compliance requirements, such as GDPR and HIPAA, by providing features like data anonymization and audit logs.

Our features, along with unparalleled customer support and excellent cost optimization, make us one of the few observability providers that can help you grow, optimize, and save money at the same time. To get started, click here.

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