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Coralogix REST API /singles

Last Updated: Jun. 29, 2023

Send your logs using our /singles endpoint.

Endpoint URL

Choose the Coralogix Logs endpoint associated with your Coralogix domain.


Endpoint Details

Headerprivate_key<Send-Your-Data API key>
  • We recommend sending logs in batches to minimize network calls.
  • Group logs from the same application, subsystem, and computer under a single API call using the “logEntries” property.
  • The API is limited to a message size of 2MB which is approximately 3,000 medium-sized logs.
  • If you are using Ajax or a similar technology, you may need to send the data with JSON.stringify()).


An array of JSON objects which contain:

RequiredProperty NameProperty TypeNote
timestampnumberUTC milliseconds since 1970 (supports sub-millisecond via a floating point)
YesapplicationNamestringusually used to separate environments
YessubsystemNamestringusually used to separate components
severitynumber1 – Debug, 2 – Verbose, 3 – Info, 4 – Warn, 5 – Error, 6 – Critical
categorystringCategory field
classNamestringClass field
methodNamestringMethod field
threadIdstringThread ID field
hiResTimestampstringUTC nanoseconds since 1970(supports millisecond, microsecond and nanosecond)
Yestextstring/jsonevent log


curl --location --request POST 'https://ingress.<domain>/logs/rest/singles' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --header 'private_key: <Send-Your-Data API key>' \
  --data-raw '[{
      "applicationName": "*insert desired application name*",
      "subsystemName": "*insert desired subsystem name*",
      "computerName": "*insert computer name*",
      "severity": 3,
      "text": "this is a normal text message",
      "category": "cat-1",
      "className": "class-1",
      "methodName": "method-1",
      "threadId": "thread-1",
      "timestamp": 1675148539123.342
    }, {
      "applicationName": "*insert desired application name*",
      "subsystemName": "*insert desired subsystem name*",
      "computerName": "*insert computer name*",
      "hiResTimestamp": "1675148539789123123",
      "severity": 5,
      "text": "{\"key1\":\"val1\",\"key2\":\"val2\",\"key3\":\"val3\",\"key4\":\"val4\"}",
      "category": "DAL",
      "className": "UserManager",
      "methodName": "RegisterUser",
      "threadId": "a-352"


  • If you are sending a JSON payload note, we suggest escaping it and then inserting it into the text field, which should be sent as a string.
  • If sent in timestamp, use milliseconds or microseconds. If not sent in timestamp , we will inject the UTC time at the time the request is received.

Coralogix Dashboard

View your logs, with all metadata fields, in your Coralogix dashboard.


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