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Coralogix Terraform Provider Coralogix Terraform Provider

Last Updated: May. 08, 2022

The Coralogix Terraform Provider is used to interact with Coralogix resources using Terraform.

The definitions of those resources can be managed by source code management tools, which means that the process for modifying Coralogix rules and alerts can be the standard code review process applied to application changes. This is a massive win on all fronts: better auditing, better change management, easier rollbacks, and more.

View our comprehensive usage guide in the Terraform Registry to learn more and view examples of how to use the Terraform Provider to manage Coralogix rules and alerts.
Our terraform provider is an Open source project and you can see the code in it’s Github Repository


Terraform installed.


First set up a connection object to your account as described Here

Now you can set up Parsing Rules (And groups) on your account as described Here

Once your data is Parsed the way you like it you can also set up Alerts as described Here

Report Issues

Our Code is open source and we welcome your Ideas, suggestions and Reported bugs.
If you feel like contributing, please report the issue Here.

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