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Custom Syslog Custom Syslog

Last Updated: Feb. 07, 2023

Several applications and SaaS services have the ability to send logs using Syslog.

For using this kind of integration, we need to use a Syslog template with a custom format.


Private Key – Your private key is a unique ID that represents your company.

Company ID – A unique number that represents your company. You can get your Company ID from the settings tab in the Coralogix dashboard.

Application Name – The name of your main application. For example, a company named “SuperData” would probably insert the “SuperData” string parameter or if they want to debug their test environment they might insert the “SuperData– Test”.

SubSystem Name – the name of your subsystem(s). For example, Backend servers, Middleware, Frontend servers, etc. In order to help you examine the data you need, inserting the subsystem parameter is vital.

SyslogEndpoint – According to your account (If it ends in .com / .us / .in ) you will need to use one of the following Syslog Endpoints:

ClusterAPI Endpoint

Your Syslog Server will be the SyslogEndpoint corresponding to your account, also Application Name, Subsystem, and CompanyId you can find it in the configuration of your Coralogix Account.

Because this is a custom Syslog we will need to put the corresponding Syslog template.

{"fields": {"private_key":"PRIVATE_KEY","company_id":"COMPANY_ID","app_name":"APPLICATION_NAME","subsystem_name":"SUBSYSTEM_NAME"},"message": {"message":"%msg%"}}

Do not forget to change PRIVATE_KEY, COMPANY_ID, APPLICATION_NAME, and SUBSYSTEM_NAME with the correct ones.

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