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Diagnostic Data: Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Diagnostic Data: Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

Last Updated: Jan. 16, 2024

Coralogix provides a seamless integration with Azure cloud, allowing you to send your logs from anywhere and parse them according to your needs.

The Azure Diagnostic Data integration allows processing of logs and metrics submitted to an Event Hub using the resource diagnostic settings configuration.


  • Azure account with an active subscription

Azure Resource Manager Template Deployment

Sign in to your Azure account and deploy the Diagnostic Data integration by clicking here.


  • Newly configured diagnostic settings can take up to 90 minutes to begin submission of data to the configured Event Hub.
  • Due to the varying formats of metrics generated by Azure, some metrics may not be supported.


SubscriptionAzure subscription for which you wish to deploy the integration. Must be the same as the monitored storage account.
Resource GroupResource group into which you wish to deploy the integration
Coralogix RegionRegion associated with your Coralogix domain
Custom URLCustom URL associated with your Coralogix account. Ignore if you do not have a custom URL.
Coralogix Private KeyCoralogix Send-Your-Data API key
Coralogix ApplicationMandatory metadata field sent with each log and helps to classify it
Coralogix SubsystemMandatory metadata field sent with each log and helps to classify it
Event Hub Resource GroupName of the resource group that contains the Event Hub
Event Hub Instance NameName of the Event Hub instance to be monitored
Event Hub Shared Access Policy NameName of a shared access policy of the Event Hub namespace
Function App Service Plan TypeType of service plan to use for the integration
Consumption is cheapest with support for ‘public’ Event Hubs.
Use Premium if you need to use VNet to configure access to restricted EventHubs.

Optional Configuration Options

If your Event Hub has restricted access, review our optional configuration documentation to learn about VNet Support options.

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