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Custom Views

Last Updated: Jan. 17, 2024

Custom Views

The Explore Screen’s Custom views feature helps organize specific, relevant log information, as well as views that help other users work and retrieve important data more efficiently.

A View is defined as a query that creates the initial logs set that the view starts with, and columns that define the log data that is visible. “Text” is a special column (or field) that holds the entire log (including metadata). Every field can be removed or added to a view.

Save Your Current View

The SAVE VIEW button saves the current settings and customizations of the Explore Screen for use at a later time. This opens a window with options to give the view a name, as well as save the query and filter settings. There is also an option to save the current view as default.

The Private/Shared option allows the view to be kept private or shared between team members.

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