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CloudWatch Metrics via Firehose CloudWatch Metrics via Firehose

Last Updated: Oct. 12, 2023

Streamline the process of ingesting and analyzing metrics from your AWS resources using our automated CloudWatch Metrics via Firehose integration package.


Enable this integration to see all of your AWS Kinesis Data Firehose metrics in Coralogix, an AWS Partner Network (APN) Advanced Technology Partner with AWS  Competencies in DevOps. This includes metrics generated by your AWS services and applications, such as AWS Lambda, Amazon EC2, Amazon CloudWatch, and custom applications running on AWS infrastructure.

Enjoy its many benefits:

  • Scalability. AWS Kinesis Data Firehose is highly scalable, accommodating growing data volumes as your applications and infrastructure expand.
  • Centralized Monitoring. Centralizing your metrics in Coralogix provides a single location for monitoring and analyzing all your data, simplifying troubleshooting and performance optimization.
  • Real-Time Insights. The integration allows for real-time data streaming, ensuring you have immediate access to critical metrics and can respond quickly to anomalies or issues.
  • Customizable Data Flow. You can configure what metrics and log data to send, ensuring that you only transmit relevant information, which can help reduce noise and improve focus.
  • Monitoring Made Easy. Coralogix offers a variety of out-of-the-box extension packages. Each tailored extension unlocks a set of predefined items – alerts, parsing rules, dashboards, saved views, actions, and more – allowing you to jumpstart Coralogix monitoring of your external-facing resources.



STEP 1. From your Coralogix toolbar, navigate to Data Flow > Extensions.

STEP 2. In the Integrations section, select CloudWatch Metrics via Firehose.

STEP 3. Click ADD NEW.

STEP 4. Input your integration details.

  • Integration Name. Enter a name for your integration and either enter your Send-Your-Data API key or click CREATE A NEW KEY to create a new API key for the integration.
  • Application Name. Enter an application name. The default name is AWS.
  • Subsystem Name. Enter a subsystem name. The default name is Firehose.
  • CloudWatch Metric Namespaces. Select from the dropdown menu the namespaces you want to bring into the Coralogix platform.
  • Enable Additional Statistics. Enabling additional statistics is recommended in order to receive detailed percentile data on key AWS metrics. However, enabling it may also incur additional costs from AWS. For out more about AWS pricing here.
    • The configuration used for the additional statistics is as follows:
    "AdditionalStatistics": ["p50", "p75", "p95", "p99"],
    "IncludeMetrics": [
      {"Namespace": "AWS/EBS", "MetricName": "VolumeTotalReadTime"},
      {"Namespace": "AWS/EBS", "MetricName": "VolumeTotalWriteTime"},
      {"Namespace": "AWS/ELB", "MetricName": "Latency"},
      {"Namespace": "AWS/ELB", "MetricName": "Duration"},
      {"Namespace": "AWS/Lambda", "MetricName": "PostRuntimeExtensionsDuration"},
      {"Namespace": "AWS/S3", "MetricName": "FirstByteLatency"},
      {"Namespace": "AWS/S3", "MetricName": "TotalRequestLatency"}
  • AWS Region. Select your AWS region from the dropdown menu.
  • AWS PrivateLink. Enabling the use of AWS PrivateLink is recommended in order to ensure a secure and private connection between your VPCs and AWS services. Find out more here.

STEP 6. Click NEXT.

STEP 7. Review the instructions for your integration and click CREATE CLOUDFORMATION.

STEP 8. You will be rerouted to the AWS website. Verify that all of the auto pre-populated values are correct. Click Create Stack.

STEP 9. Go back to the Coralogix application and click COMPLETE to close the module. Revert back to the integration page.

STEP 10. [Optional] Deploy the extension package of your choice to complement your integration needs.

STEP 11. View the metrics in your Coralogix dashboard, either using Custom Dashboards [recommended] or hosted Grafana View.

Transformation Lambda

The CloudWatch Metric Streams Lambda transformation function is used as part of Kinesis Firehose to enrich the metrics from CloudWatch Metric Streams with AWS resource tags. Find out more here.

Destination Errors

You may encounter these common destinations errors. View their possible solutions below.

The delivery timed out before a response was received and will be retried. If this error persists, contact the AWS Firehose service team.None needed – no data loss
Delivery to the endpoint was unsuccessful. See Troubleshooting HTTP Endpoints in the Firehose documentation for more information. Response received with status code. 502…Coralogix returned HTTP 502 error code, firehose will resend the data. None needed – no data loss

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