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Fluent Bit Helm Chart for Kubernetes Fluent Bit Helm Chart for Kubernetes

Last Updated: Mar. 09, 2023

To help streamline your Kubernetes monitoring, we created this multi-arch chart to effortlessly create a DaemonSet on your Kubernetes cluster using the Helm Package Manager.

Our Helm chart is open source and you are welcome to review and make suggestions for improvements in our Integrations repository.


  • Kubernetes 1.20+ with Beta APIs enabled.
  • Helm 2.9+ Package Manager installed (For installation instructions please visit Get Helm!).
  • Your Coralogix Send Your Data key. You can find your key in the Coralogix UI under Data Flow –> API Keys.
  • Coralogix Domain. You can find your Domain here.


Create a Namespace for the daemonset (in our example we will use: coralogix-logger):

kubectl create namespace coralogix-logger

Create Secret Key

Input your private key.

kubectl create secret generic coralogix-keys \
        -n coralogix-logger \

Add the Helm Chart Repo

(And run an update to fetch it)

helm repo add coralogix-charts-virtual https://cgx.jfrog.io/artifactory/coralogix-charts-virtual &&
helm repo update

Create An override.yaml File

This is where you can override settings like the HTTP endpoint to which we send logs (in our example we will use ‘eu2.coralogix.com‘ domain and prepend the ‘api.’):

You can also change the dynamic field from which we extract the application and subsystem name.

# fluentbit-override.yaml:
  app_name: kubernetes.namespace_name
  sub_system: kubernetes.container_name
  endpoint: api.eu2.coralogix.com
  logLevel: error

Or use a static value to overwrite the application name and subsystem name.

# fluentbit-override.yaml:
  app_name: MyApplication
  sub_system: MySubsystem
  endpoint: api.eu2.coralogix.com
  logLevel: error

Deploy the Chart

helm upgrade fluent-bit-http coralogix-charts-virtual/fluent-bit-http \
  --install \
  --namespace=coralogix-logger \
  -f fluentbit-override.yaml

Remove the Daemonset

helm uninstall fluent-bit-http \
     -n coralogix-logger

Kubernetes 1.25+
podsecuritypolicy has been deprecated for this version up.
You can disable this by adding the following to your override file

  create: false

Need help?

Our world-class customer success team is available 24/7 to walk you through your setup and answer any questions that may come up.

Feel free to reach out to us via our in-app chat or by sending us an email to [email protected].

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