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Generic Outbound Webhooks

Last Updated: Oct. 25, 2023

Enhance your observability workflows by sending real-time event notifications and log data to any endpoint that accepts HTTP requests. With this generic outbound webhook, you can easily integrate Coralogix with different endpoints, automate responses to critical events, and improve your organization’s incident management and alerting processes.

Create a Webhook

STEP 1. From the Coralogix toolbar, navigate to DATA FLOW > EXTENSIONS.

STEP 2. In the Outbound Webhooks section, click GENERIC WEBHOOK.

STEP 3. Click + ADD NEW.

STEP 4. Enter a webhook name and the URL to which you want to send an event notification.

The UUID field is auto-populated.

STEP 5. Select an HTTP method for the webhook (GET, POST, or PUT).

STEP 6. Click NEXT.

STEP 7. [Optional] Edit the message to customize the header and body of the messages that will be sent when the webhook is triggered.


The system sends an HTTP call with the specified parameters to check that your configuration is valid. If the HTTP call is received successfully, a confirmation message is displayed.

STEP 9. Once the configuration is validated, choose one or more alerts to join the webhook.

STEP 10. Click ADD next to the alert of choice. The Alert Notifications panel will appear.

STEP 11. The new webhook will appear in the Notifications section of the alert. Click +Add WEBHOOK and select the newly created webhook. Click SAVE CHANGES.

STEP 12. Click FINISH.

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