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Go Go

Last Updated: Aug. 02, 2023

Coralogix provides Go SDK for your Go applications.


You need to install go-coralogix-sdk package as any other external package:

go install github.com/coralogix/go-coralogix-sdk

After the installation you can import the package:

import (
    coralogix "github.com/coralogix/go-coralogix-sdk"

Input the team hostname associated with your Coralogix domain in the following URLs:


Example for India (IN) cluster:

Code Example

package main

import (
    coralogix "github.com/coralogix/go-coralogix-sdk"

func main() {

    logger := coralogix.NewCoralogixLogger(
    defer logger.Destroy()

    logger.Debug("Test message 1")
        "text":  "Test message 2",
        "extra": "additional",
    logger.Warning("Test message 4")

Additional Resources

You can find more information about the go-coralogix-sdk package:


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