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Assign User Roles & Scopes via Groups

Last Updated: Jun. 04, 2024

Streamline user management, including role-based and data scope access, via Groups.


Coralogix users from one organization are joined together in teams based on their project, department, or other relevant criteria. An organization may have multiple teams, each consisting of multiple users. Each team is a platform environment with a unique URL and settings.

Team members are attached to one or more groups, through which they are assigned roles and permissions, as well as data scopes. For example, you may have a Development Team with users from Engineering, Operations, and Support groups, each with different roles and data scopes.

Groups allow administrators to grant permissions and manage data access granularly by assigning team members to groups that align with their organization’s structure and requirements.


Roles categorize users and define their account permissions, determining which actions they may perform and on which resources. By default, Coralogix offers seven predefined system roles. You can create custom roles to customize between your users and their permissions by adding permissions to existing system roles.


Data scopes enable users to see only data that is relevant to them or that they are allowed to see. A data scope represents a subset of the overall data within your environment, defined by an entity scope query.

Required permissions

Users with the following permissions may view and/or manage groups.

team-groupsReadConfigView Team-Level GroupsView groups, membership, and permissions.
team-groupsManageManage Team-Level GroupsCreate a group and control user membership and permissions.

Create a group

STEP 1. Access your settings in the upper right-hand corner of the Coralogix toolbar.

STEP 2. In the left-hand sidebar, click Groups. A list of existing groups will appear.

STEP 3. Click + Group.

STEP 4. Enter the new group details.

Name & description

Enter a name and description for the group.

Select role

Select an existing role for users in the group or create a new one.

Select scope

Select an existing data scope for the group’s users or create a new one. Groups not assigned a data scope have access to all data.

Add members

Add additional members of your organization to the group.


Modify an existing group

To edit a group, click the pen icon in the Actions column of the Groups catalog. To delete a group, click the garbage icon.

To change a role or data scope for an existing group, click the pen icon, then select alternatives from the Select Role and Select Scope drop-down menus. Click SAVE.

Additional resources

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