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Installing Coralogix STA – GCP Installing Coralogix STA – GCP

Last Updated: Apr. 07, 2024

The Coralogix Security Traffic Analyzer (STA) is a Coralogix tool designed for tasks such as deep packet inspection, packet capturing, cloud configuration vulnerability scanning, and other security-related functions.

In Google Cloud Platform (GCP), the implementation of STA is exclusively carried out through Terraform.


  • Configuration saved using Cloud Storage
  • The following permissions deployed: VM Compute Instance, Cloud Storage, Networks and Subnetworks, IAM roles


STEP 1. Connect to GCP using gcloud or any other method of authentication.

STEP 2. Download the Terraform template here.

STEP 3. Once the files are extracted, from the folder run terraform init.

STEP 4. Fill in the information in the values.auto.tfvars file:

  • The STA must connect to the internet. When selecting STA-Public-Access to false, make sure the STA is located on a subnetwork that has an NAT gateway attached.
  • STA-Config-Cloud-Storage-Bucket – Optional to manage independently, but mandatory to use. If not provided by the user, Terraform will create one for you.
  • STA-Subnetwork-Mgmt and STA-Subnetwork-VxLanSniffing are optional. Terraform will create them when not provided.
  • STA-IP-CIDR-for-Mgmt-Nic and STA-IP-CIDR-for-VxSniffing-Nic – If STA-Subnetwork-Mgmt and STA-Subnetwork-VxLanSniffing are not provided. Select which CIDR range will be used in the newly created subnetwork. Note that ‘STA-Subnetwork-Mgmt‘ – defaults to ‘’ and ‘STA-Subnetwork-Mgmt‘ – defaults to ‘’
  • STA-Subnetwork-RawSniffing is mandatory. Select the subnetwork that holds the instances you wish to mirror to the STA.
  • STA-Ingress-SSH-Address – The IP address that will be allowed to manage (SSH) the STA
  • SSH key management in the STA:
    • GCP-block-project-ssh-keys – Set to false to block SSH keys that are defined on the GCP project level.
    • GCP-SSH-Key-Required -Set to true\false if SSH key is required or not.
      • When true:
        • GPC-Existing-SSH-Public-Key-full-path – when used, the key content will be read and used to manage the STA.
        • If the GPC-Existing-SSH-Public-Key-full-path variable is left empty, GPC-New-SSH-Public-Key-name will create a new SSH key to manage the STA on the stack directory.
        • When both variables are left empty – a new key will be created with the name STA_GCP_key

STEP 5. Run terraform plan and review the deployment.

STEP 6. Run terraform apply and type yes.

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