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Integration Packages

Last Updated: Sep. 14, 2023

Access our Integration Packages to access a series of integrations in a one-step process. Use this to extend your platform capabilities with packages and sources, without expending unnecessary time and resources.


Verify you are signed into your cloud provider with your credentials.

Access an Integration Package

STEP 1. In your navigation pane, click Data Flow > Extensions. View the list of available integrations.

STEP 2. Select the integration of choice.

STEP 3. View application details in the App Overview. For more information, click Integration Details. You will also see a list of extension packages available for the integration of choice.


STEP 5. Input the Integration Details.

STEP 6. Click NEXT.

STEP 7. View the instructions for your integration. Click CREATE.

STEP 8. You will be rerouted to the website for the integration. Verify that all of the auto pre-populated values are correct and click Create Stack.

STEP 9. Go back to the Coralogix application and click COMPLETE to close the module and go back to the integration page.

STEP 10. View your integration information.

STEP 11. Deploy the extension package of your choice to complement your integration needs.

STEP 12. Once the verification process is complete and you have deployed your extension package, view your logs in your Coralogix dashboard.

Additional Resources

DocumentationExtension Packages


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