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Label Mapping

Last Updated: Mar. 08, 2023

With our new Label Mapping feature, as you view your data sources in your Kubernetes Dashboard, you will be instantly notified when metric labels are missing from your data. We will guide you to easily locate these metric labels in your data and correlate them to the metrics in your Kubernetes Dashboard.


Use the Label Mapping feature to:

  • Highlight missing keys in your Coralogix data sources
  • Provide a list of metric labels in your data that are relevant to the data displayed in your Kubernetes Dashboard
  • Enjoy full customization of the labels identifying your metrics

Pair Data Sources

STEP 1. You will receive an alert when parts of your data are not yet correlated to Coralogix data sources: “Some label sources are missing. PAIR DATA SOURCES.” This alert may appear in an empty state in your dashboard, during your discovery process, or when you click on a Nodes / Pods tool tip.

STEP 2. Click on the message and you will be redirected to a Missing Source Correlations pop-up page. The pop-up will display a list of keys missing a source used for the current page. Select the value in your data to pair with the relevant Coralogix data source.

STEP 3. (Optional) View OTHER LABELS in the expanded drop down menu and customize according to your needs.


STEP 5. Once updated, your Coralogix dashboard will reload. The previously missing dependencies will now appear as a new field on the page.

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