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Create & Manage Teams

Last Updated: Feb. 26, 2024

As Organization Administrator, you can manage the teams in your organization on your My Teams page.


The My Teams page allows Organization Administrators (Org Admins) to manage their teams from a single convenient location.

  • Connect and disconnect teams from your organization.
  • For each team, view the number of members it has, data usage quota, and retention.

Connect & Disconnect Existing Teams

To connect teams that you are a member of, but that are not yet categorized as part of your organization, click on the connect hyperlink symbol.

To disconnect any teams that you do not want categorized as part of your organization, click on the disconnect hyperlink symbol.

Create a New Team

STEP 1. From the My Teams page, click CREATE NEW TEAM.

STEP 2. Enter a name for your new team and click NEXT.

STEP 3. Add units to your new team. Select an origin team to take units from and the amount of units to move to the new team.

Note: The retention period of the new team will be identical to that of the team from which it received its units.

STEP 4. Click NEXT.

STEP 5. Enter the email address of the person who should be the team administrator, then click CREATE.

Once the new team is created, you will be routed back to the My Teams page.

An email invitation will be sent to the new team admin, and they will be come the first team admin of the new team, together with the org admin.

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