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Organization Domains

Last Updated: Feb. 26, 2024

As Organization Administrator, you may manage your Organization Settings. Determine permissions for new users and which domains may connect to your organization.

Domain Manager

Add your organization’s domain/s to automatically connect new users when they sign up for a Coralogix account using their work email account.

Add a New Domain

STEP 1. Click ADD NEW DOMAIN. You will be asked to verify the new domain.

STEP 2. Input an email address in the new domain to which a confirmation email will be sent.

STEP 3. Click SAVE.

STEP 4. Check the email address which you entered for the confirmation email and click the link in the email.


  • The default domain is the domain of the email that the Organization Administrator used to create the organization.
  • Until the email address has been confirmed, the domain will remain in a pending state and will be greyed out.
  • Once the email address has been confirmed, the domain will become active.

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