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Data Masking

Last Updated: Apr. 17, 2024

Censure fields in your RUM logs with data masking to safeguard end-user privacy and prevent sensitive data collection.


Coralogix offers privacy features to safeguard sensitive or personal data for organizations of all sizes as part of Real User Monitoring. Mask sensitive elements and fields in your RUM logs via the RUM Browser SDK. This masking ensures that the Coralogix SDK does not capture sensitive data and that it is consequently not transmitted to the backend.

Masked elements will appear in your UI as stars in the log text.


User interactions with specific elements can be masked to prevent sensitive data exposure.

Use maskInputTypes to specify the types of inputs to mask. This defaults to ['password', 'email', 'tel']. Define any input and modify as desired.

Use maskClass to specify the class name used to mask any element, string, or RegExp. The default is cx-mask.

  // ...
  maskInputTypes: ['password', 'date'], // will only mask password and date inputs
  maskClass: 'mask-me' // will mask any element with class 'mask-me'


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