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Metric Alerts using PromQL Metric Alerts using PromQL

Last Updated: Mar. 27, 2022

Metric alerts allow Coralogix users to be notified directly to any predefined or custom webhook on their metric data. Metrics can be sent to Coralogix in various ways (Prometheus, MetricBeat, Cloudwatch, and more) and be used for different use cases, such as:

  • Infrastructure (Host-Based) Metrics are mainly comprised of usage or performance stats of the operating system or hardware.
  • Application Metrics help determine whether an application is functioning correctly and efficiently.
  • Network and Connectivity Metrics are used for monitoring the availability and responsiveness of both your internal and external services
  • Server Pool Metrics give a summary of the health of collections of servers to show the capabilities of your system to handle load and respond to changes.
  • External Dependency Metrics are additional metrics to add visibility related to external dependencies.

After adding Lucene syntax support for metric alerts, Coralogix now adds full PromQL as a second syntax in Metric alerts.

Metric Alerts can be created both to your Prometheus metrics and metrics generated from log data using Logs2Metrics, this means that for the first time, you can create PromQL alerts on metrics hidden within your logs.

Metric alerts with PromQL are available to all users under an open Beta, here’s a quick guide on how to use them.

Create an Alert

  1. To create a Metric Alert, just navigate to Alerts Tab. Click New Alert, Give your Alert a name, description, and severity.

2. Choose Metric Alert.

3. Choose the PromQL tab and add the query that you would like to trigger the alert on.

You can use aggregation by anything that you like from your logs. For instance, the app name, subsystem, machine id, or anything of your preference.

Note that as soon as you start typing your query, you will immediately get auto-complete suggestions.

metric alerts promql recording

4. Condition – In this section you choose your alert condition.

After an alert is triggered, it will send a webhook to your defined destination, and appear under the Insights Tab – the name of the alert, the query you used, the graph to represent the alert, and the aggregation you have chosen.

If you need assistance configuring this Alert please do not hesitate to contact Corlaogix support through our in-app chat or by sending us an email to [email protected].

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