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Metrics Usage

Last Updated: Feb. 22, 2023

Coralogix now offers a Metrics Usage screen, complementing our metrics cardinality feature. It provides an intuitive visual representation of the metrics-related data surrounding metric statistics, which can be retrieved using an API.

Metrics Usage Screen

View this data by navigating to Data Flow > Metrics Usage.

metrics usage screen coralogix

Select the cardinality statistics of interest from the left-hand sidebar panel. The page will center on that particular section.

metrics usage screen coralogix

Each cardinality statistics section will have up to 1K entry lines.

The % of used column refers to the percentage of what each metric will represent against the totality of all metrics.

metrics usage screen coralogix

In the search bar, seek any particular metric or label of interest, or input just a partial value and the results will be updated throughout all sections.

metrics usage screen coralogix

In the time frame menu, select one day of interest at a time, the time frame reference being UTC.

metrics usage screen coralogix


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