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Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Microsoft Azure Virtual Network

Last Updated: Jul. 10, 2024

Azure Virtual Network is the fundamental building block for your Azure-based private network. The service enables many types of Azure VMs to securely communicate with each other, the internet, and on-site networks.

Use metrics from Azure Virtual Network to:

  • Track the number of assigned and available addresses on the subnet for your virtual networks.
  • Monitor the number of total vs connected network peerings.
  • Avoid running out of address or subnet space at critical times.


  • Integration with Microsoft Azure, as detailed in Azure Metrics.

Collected data

azure_network_virtualnetworks_connected_peeringsPeers connected on the virtual network
azure_network_virtualnetworks_subnets.assigned_addressesAddresses assigned on the subnet
azure_network_virtualnetworks_subnets.available_addressesAddresses available on the subnet
azure_network_virtualnetworks_total_addressesTotal addresses on the virtual network
azure_network_virtualnetworks_total_peeringsTotal peerings on the virtual network
azure_network_virtualnetworks_total_subnetsTotal number of subnets on the virtual network

Additional resources

DocumentationAzure Metrics


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