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Notifications Preferences Notifications Preferences

Last Updated: Mar. 27, 2022

Coralogix offers the users event-driven notifications such as user-defined alerts, a daily email for the team users summarizing top errors as well as if new Error/Critical logs were introduced, and detection of new anomaly notifications. This post will help you manage your notification preferences in order to get the relevant emails for you.

Enable/Disable Notifications


when creating an alert, under Recipients you will define who should receive a notification once the alert has triggered. You can add/subtract addressee by its email address or choose a webhook integration from the drop-down (if any webhook integration was defined beforehand).

coralogix user defined alerts recipients section


You can configure 4 reports to be sent to you automatically, either by email or Slack. Go to Settings –> Notifications.

If you already created any Slack webhook integration, you will be able to attach them to any of the Coralogix reports. Note that Slack Notification Settings is available only for account administrators.

You can add a filter in order to receive a notification customized to you based on the application/subsystem that is of interest to you.

If you wish not to receive any of these notifications you can uncheck the relevant checkbox.

Notification settings Coralogix

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