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Kubernetes Complete Observability: Basic Configuration Kubernetes Complete Observability: Basic Configuration

Last Updated: Nov. 21, 2023

Coralogix’s Kubernetes Complete Observability provides a comprehensive solution for full-stack observability in your Kubernetes environment.


View all of your nodes, pods and cluster metrics, pod logs, and Kubernetes events, as well as your distributed traces pipeline. Take advantage of our Kubernetes Dashboard using out pre-configured OpenTelemetry Collector.

Utilizing OpenTelemetry, we ensure seamless and automated data collection from various components of your stack. This enables you to not only monitor infrastructure health, but also gain insights into application behavior and inter-service dependencies. Troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and manage your cluster more effectively with a 360-degree view of your Kubernetes ecosystem.


  • Kubernetes (v1.24+) installed, with the command-line tool kubectl
  • Helm (v3.9+) installed and configured

Note! If you have previously installed the Coralogix Exporter or Kubernetes Infrastructure Monitoring, they must be removed before proceeding with this integration.


STEP 1. In your Coralogix toolbar, navigate to Data Flow > Extensions.

STEP 2. From the Integrations section, select Kubernetes Complete Observability.

Coralogix Kubernetes Complete Observability

STEP 3. On the Coralogix OpenTelemetry Collector integration page, click + SETUP COLLECTOR.

Coralogix Kubernetes Complete Observability

STEP 4. Enter a name for your integration.

STEP 5. Enter one of your Send-Your-Data API keys or click CREATE NEW KEY to generate a new dedicated API key.

Coralogix Kubernetes Complete Observability

STEP 6. Click NEXT.

STEP 7. Check the Helm version by using the helm version command. You are required to use Helm v3.9 or above.

STEP 8. Add the Coralogix Helm repository to your Helm configuration by copying the helm repo add command and running it.

Run the command helm repo update to update Helm’s local repository cache.

Click NEXT.

Coralogix Kubernetes Complete Observability

STEP 9. OpenTelemetry Agent requires a secret called coralogix-keys with the Send-Your-Data API key created in STEP 5. It is defined as PRIVATE_KEY inside the same namespace in which the chart is installed. If the secret is not present, create it by copying and running the command shown in the installer.

Coralogix Kubernetes Complete Observability

STEP 10. Copy and run the helm upgrade command shown in the installer. Make sure you replace the <cluster name> with your Kubernetes cluster name.

STEP 11. Mark the checkbox to confirm you have run the Helm command. Click COMPLETE.

Coralogix Kubernetes Complete Observability

Limits & Quotas

Coralogix places a hard limit of 10MB of data to our OpenTelemetry Endpoints, with a recommendation of 2MB.

Next Steps

Advanced configuration instructions can be found here.

Validation instructions can be found here.

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