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Prometheus Alertmanager Prometheus Alertmanager

Last Updated: May. 03, 2023

Coralogix allows you to monitor Prometheus events through webhooks. Using Alertmanager, you can track the state of instances and machines, monitor their memory, disk usage and more. Using alerts and visualizations you can gain insight into the status of these Alerts.  This can help with root cause and impact analysis as well as in correlating resources with issues.

Coralogix came up with an easy solution to allow you to collect Prometheus alarms. The steps below are going to walk you through how to do so.

Generate your token

  1. Open in Coralogix: Data Flow -> Context Data Plugins
  2. Click on the Prometheus tab.
  3. Click on the “+ADD NEW KEY”  button.
  4. Enter integration name in the pop-up window (it can be any name).
  5. The token will show up on the list.

Create Prometheus webhook

  1. You need to have Prometheus configured with Alertmanager.
  2. Add some rules in your alert_file.yml and this can be as many rules as you like.
  3. Please make sure to confirm your rules are working properly by using:
     Promtool check rules  /path to your rules.yml file.
create prometheus webhook

  4. Configure your alertmanager to trigger an alert once any of the rules in your rules.yml file has been satisfied.

  5. Open alertmanager.yml usually it is located under /etc/alertmanger/alertmanager.yml, the path depends on your installation.

configure alertmanager

   5. Add the following to the file. 

  receiver: Coralogix

  - name: Coralogix
      - url: Coralogix-url
        send_resolved: true
Can be any name you like  but just to differentiate between your receivers put something meaningful
The same as your receiverhttps://integrations.Domain URL/v1/prometheus/v1/events/<token>

If you’d like to specify the application name and subsystemname you can add them right after the token in the payload URL like the below example.

https://integrations.Domain URL/v1/prometheus/v1/events/<token>?appName=<my-app>&subSystem=<my-subsystem>

Replace Domain URL with the domain associated with your Coralogix account.

Please make sure to use amtool to check the alert manager config and make sure it passes. Your alert manager will not start if this config is not correct.

If the config passes you will get a success message with details about what you have configured in your alertmanger.yml.

check alertmanager configuration

Example of the log you would see in Coralogix UI.

example log in coralogix ui

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