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Queue Storage: Microsoft Azure Functions Queue Storage: Microsoft Azure Functions

Last Updated: Feb. 28, 2023

Coralogix provides seamless integration with Azure cloud so you can send your logs from anywhere and parse them according to your needs.

The Azure Queue Storage integration allows parsing of queue messages in JSON format. Other format messages will not be processed and submitted to the Coralogix platform.



Clone this repo:

$ git clone https://github.com/coralogix/coralogix-azure-serverless.git
$ cd coralogix-azure-serverless/StorageQueue

Login with Azure cli:

$ az login

Install Azure Functions Core Tools:

$ make functools

Configure (Replace environment variables with appropriate values) and install Coralogix function for Azure Functions. Replace the following environment variables:

# A Unique Identifier to ensure successful deployment of resources with universally unique requirements
export UUID=$(od -vN "7" -An -tx1 /dev/urandom|tr -d " \n"; echo)
# Storage Account "Connection String"

# Private key for Coralogix
# Desired Application name and Subsystem name for ingested Storage Queue messages

make install
make configure
make publish

The <YOUR_STORAGE_ACCOUNT_CONNECTION_STRING> should be replaced with Storage Account connection string which you can find in Storage Account -> Access keys -> Connection string. It should look like this:


Queue Storage Customization

By default the StorageQueue function will be triggered when you add messages to logs Queue Storage in your Storage Account. You can change this to your custom container name in file StorageQueue/function.json (bindings.queueName parameter):

  "bindings": [
      "name": "queueItem",
      "type": "queueTrigger",
      "direction": "in",
      "queueName": "logs",
      "connection": "AzureWebJobsStorage"
  "scriptFile": "../dist/StorageQueue/index.js"

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