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Coralogix REST API /singles

Last Updated: Jul. 14, 2024

Send your logs using the Coralogix REST API /singles.

Endpoint URL

Input your Coralogix domain into the following endpoint URL: https://ingress.<domain>/logs/v1/singles.


Endpoint Details

HeaderAuthorization: Bearer <Send-Your-Data API key>
  • We recommend sending logs in batches to minimize network calls.
  • The API is limited to a message size of 2MB which is approximately 3,000 medium-sized logs.
  • If you are using Ajax or a similar technology, you may need to send the data with JSON.stringify()).


An array of JSON objects which contain:

RequiredProperty NameProperty TypeNote
timestampnumberUTC milliseconds since 1970 (supports sub-millisecond via a floating point)
YesapplicationNamestringusually used to separate environments
YessubsystemNamestringusually used to separate components
severitynumber1 – Debug, 2 – Verbose, 3 – Info, 4 – Warn, 5 – Error, 6 – Critical
categorystringCategory field
classNamestringClass field
methodNamestringMethod field
threadIdstringThread ID field
hiResTimestampstringUTC nanoseconds since 1970(supports millisecond, microsecond and nanosecond)
Yestextstring/jsonevent log


curl --location --request POST 'https://ingress.<domain>/logs/v1/singles' \
  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --header 'Authorization: Bearer <Send-Your-Data API key>' \
  --data-raw '[{
      "applicationName": "*insert desired application name*",
      "subsystemName": "*insert desired subsystem name*",
      "computerName": "*insert computer name*",
      "severity": 3,
      "text": "this is a normal text message",
      "category": "cat-1",
      "className": "class-1",
      "methodName": "method-1",
      "threadId": "thread-1",
      "timestamp": 1675148539123.342
    }, {
      "applicationName": "*insert desired application name*",
      "subsystemName": "*insert desired subsystem name*",
      "computerName": "*insert computer name*",
      "hiResTimestamp": "1675148539789123123",
      "severity": 5,
      "text": "{\"key1\":\"val1\",\"key2\":\"val2\",\"key3\":\"val3\",\"key4\":\"val4\"}",
      "category": "DAL",
      "className": "UserManager",
      "methodName": "RegisterUser",
      "threadId": "a-352"

Note: If timestamp is present, use milliseconds or microseconds. If not, we will inject the UTC time when the request is received.

Coralogix Dashboard

View your logs, with all metadata fields, in your Coralogix dashboard.


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