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Salesforce Commerce Cloud Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Last Updated: Jul. 06, 2022

Coralogix provides an easy way to collect your Salesforce logs.
The preferred and easiest integration method will be to use our app in the AWS Serverless Application Repository.


  • Your AWS user should have permissions to create lambdas and IAM roles.


Once the deployment is done the lambda will execute every X minutes based on the ‘lambda schedule’ parameter.

Parameters and Descriptions

Application NameThe stack name of this application created via AWS CloudFormation
NotificationEmailFailure notification email address
ApplicationNameApplication Name in Coralogix.
CoralogixRegionThe Coralogix location region [Europe, Europe2, India, Singapore, US]. check your Coralogix account URL to see what region you are in (.in , .com , .us)
FunctionArchitectureOur Function supports x86_64 or arm64
FunctionMemorySizeMax Memory for the function itself.
FunctionScheduleThe lambda function schedule invoke in minutes
FunctionTimeoutLambda function timeout
PrivateKeyYour Coralogix account ‘send your logs’ key. Can be found in DataFlow -> API Keys
SfccEndpointsSalesforce commerce cloud endpoints to check logs in, in a DOMAIN/PATH format. multiple can be inserted with a comma in between.
SfccPasswordSalesforce commerce cloud password. used for authentication.
SfccUsernameSalesforce commerce cloud username. used for authentication.
SubsystemNameSubsystem name in Coralogix

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