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Tableau Plugin Tableau Plugin

Last Updated: Dec. 15, 2022

The Coralogix JDBC driver allows you to investigate your log data with your favorite database tool using SQL queries.

While using the Kibana querying language syntax would usually be the quickest way to search your logs, using SQL allows you to express queries and aggregations that would sometimes be more difficult to write using Kibana visualizations. With the Coralogix JDBC driver, you can quickly get started on performing SQL queries against the data already stored in your Coralogix account.

JDBC, which stands for “Java Database Connectivity”, is a common standard for database drivers, and many popular querying tools support it. In this tutorial, you’ll find instructions on using the Coralogix JDBC driver with Tableau.

Getting Started

    1. Place the .jar files in the folder for your operating system. (You need to create the folder if it doesn’t exist already)
      OS Path
      Windows C:\Program Files\Tableau\Drivers
      Mac ~/Library/Tableau/Drivers
      Linux /opt/tableau/tableau_driver/jdbc
    2. Copy the coralogix.tdc file to ~/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Datasources For more details consult Tableau documentation
    3. Create a file coralogix.properties and add an entry with your apiKey. You will get it from Coralogix dashboard Data Flow -> API Keys -> Logs Query Key
      apiKey=<Logs Query Key>
    4. On the main screen in To a Server section choose Other Databases (JDBC)
    5. Set URL to 
      Team URLRegionURLs
    6. Set Dialect to MySQL and Leave Username and Password blank. Click on Browse next Properties file and choose coralogix.properties you created
    7. Click on Sign In

The Coralogix SQL support is based on the OpenDistro SQL interface. Refer to its documentation for further references on supported SQL features.

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