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Track User Sessions with Errors

Last Updated: May. 16, 2024

Coralogix allows you to selectively track user sessions with errors, minimizing data overhead while focusing on critical issues.


Track only those RUM User Sessions with errors. When configured, this feature instructs the SDK to cache RUM events up to a specified limit. If an error occurs during a session, all cached events, along with the error details, are sent to the server for analysis. This approach ensures that only sessions with errors are tracked, reducing data noise and focusing on critical issues that require attention, ultimately saving costs.


Basic configuration

To configure the RUM feature to track only user sessions with errors, use the following configuration snippet:

  // ...
  sessionConfig: {
    onlyWithErrorConfig: {
      enable: true
      maxRumEvents: 5000
      instrumentationsToSend: {
        [CoralogixEventType.WEB_VITALS]: true,
        // Additional instrumentations can be added
        // [CoralogixEventType.LONG_TASK]: true,
        // ...

Configuration parameters

enableBooleanfalseWhen set to true, only sessions with errors will be tracked.
maxRumEventsNumber5000Specifies the maximum number of RUM events to store in the cache until an error occurs. This helps in capturing relevant data leading up to the error. Maximum value is 20000.
instrumentationsToSendObject{ [CoralogixEventType.WEB_VITALS]: true }Defines the instrumentations to send for sessions with errors. If enabled in the main configuration, these instrumentations are sent immediately, even if no error has occurred, and they are not part of the cached RUM events.


Once enabled, Coralogix will only track and report user sessions that encounter errors. This ensures that your monitoring data is focused on sessions with issues, aiding in quicker identification and resolution of user experience problems.


Currently, customers who enable this feature will not be able record users sessions in Session Replay.


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