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Last Updated: Oct. 31, 2023

Validate that you have enabled Kubernetes Observability using OpenTelemetry and are sending cluster telemetry to Coralogix.

STEP 1. Check that the cluster collector are running in your cluster.

Search for pods in the deployed namespace with the following:

kubectl get pods -o wide -n $NAMESPACE

OpenTelemetry Cluster Collector pods named coralogix-opentelemetry-collector-xxx and Kube State Metrics pods named otel-integration-kube-state-metrics-xxx should appear with Running status.

STEP 2. Install the Kubernetes OpenTelemetry extension packages in your Coralogix account by navigating to Data Flow > Extensions in your toolbar. Use this to hit the ground running with predefined alerts, parsing rules, dashboards, saved views, and actions.

  • Open the Kubernetes OpenTelemetry extension with the latest version.
  • Select Applications and Subsystems for all related Kubernetes telemetry or select All for both.
  • Click + Deploy.

STEP 3. The Kubernetes OpenTelemetry extension includes a set of Grafana K8s Otel dashboards when installed. It is a useful way to determine if the metrics being exported to Coralogix are satisfactory for your Kubernetes Dashboard setup.

  • If all the metrics and labels are present, the Kubernetes Dashboard is opened. If there are missing metrics or labels, a screen appears detailing the missing metrics and/or labels.
  • Provide any missing metrics or labels.
  • Click DONE, RELOAD MY DATA → to continue to the Kubernetes Dashboard.

Next Steps

Troubleshoot your configuration here.

Additional Resources

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