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Coralogix Extensions for AWS Lambda


Coralogix can now use aws Lambda extensions to read Lambda functions’ logs and metrics directly without having to use Cloudwatch, thereby reducing latency and cost while gaining observability into your serverless infrastructure.


  1. Go to AWS Serverless Repository and Search for Coralogix. Select Coralogix-Lambda-Extension
  2. List the appropriate runtime environments for your lambdas and click ‘Deploy’
  3. Validate that the extension is available as a Lambda layer your account
  4. Go to the Lambda function from which you want to send logs to Coralogix, choose the ‘Layers’ component, and click ‘Add Layer’
  5. Select Custom Layers, choose the coralogix-extension layer, select the latest version and click ‘Add’
  6. Go to the environment variables section in your Lambda function and add the below 3 parameters.
  7. CORALOGIX_PRIVATE_KEY – A unique ID that represents your company.The private key can eb found under ‘settings’->’send your logs’. It is located in the upper left corner.
  8. CORALOGIX_APP_NAME – A mandatory metadata field that is sent with the logs. Helps identify the logs sent by this Lambda function.
  9. CORALOGIX_SUB_SYSTEM – A mandatory metadata field sent with the logs. Helps identify the logs sent by this Lambda function. Your application probably has multiple subsystems, for example, Backend, Middleware, Frontend etc.
  10. CORALOGIX_LOG_URL (Optional) – If your team is not in the EU Cluster, i.e for India cluster
  11. Finally, click ‘Add’

Your all set! Data will begin streaming to Coralogix. Need any help with your integration? ping us on our in-app chat or at 

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