Log collection from S3

Coralogix offers you the option to send your logs to S3 and collect them directly from there simply by integrating into your bucket.


You must provide the following four variables when creating a Coralogix logger instance. 

Company ID – A private key which is used to validate your authenticity, this key will be sent to your mail once you register to Coralogix and should not be transferred outside your company.

Private Key – A unique ID which represents your company, this Id will be sent to your mail once you register to Coralogix.

Application Name – The name of your environment, for example, a company named “SuperData” would probably insert the “SuperData” string parameter or if they want to debug their test environment they might insert the “SuperData– Test”.

SubSystem Name – Your application probably has multiple components, for example, Backend servers, Middleware, Frontend servers etc. in order to help you examine the data you need, inserting the subsystem parameter is vital.

How to configure your S3 bucket read

1.Go to Service -> Storage -> S3

2. Select your desired S3 Bucket from the buckets lists.

3. Navigate to permissions tab.

4. UnderAccess for other AWS accounts’ click ‘Add account’

4. Insert Coralogix id: fa35ef450b07d311b09810445df9c1c4a316118d1899e4cd3db935414e4ba62d

5. Check the ‘List objects’ check box – to give Coralogix read objects permissions.

6. Click ‘Save’

You are all set, all your logs which are written to that S3 bucket will be read by Coralogix. 

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